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Stay in control over  your email

EasyDMARC helps you protect your email from phishers and gives you new insights into your email flows - with prices starting at just Rs. 825 per email.



Rs. 825/month

*Prices displayed here may vary slightly based on current conversion rates. Please
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Keep your email protected

Did you know that about 16% of all sent emails never reach their destination? And that over 15 billion of emails land in spam boxes daily - even though many of them come from actual, legitimate sources?
Email is also a fertile breeding ground for cybercriminals. 93% of successful cyberattacks start out with a phishing email. On top of that, the average cost of a data breach reached a record amount of 4.35 million dollars in 2022.
Don't let your business become part of these numbers. EasyDMARC can help protect your email domain from unauthorized use. This intuitive, easy-to-use tool ensures your email messages are delivered to their intended recipients, while blocking any phishing attempts from third parties.

What does EasyDMARC 
do for you?

Keep your overview

Find out who is sending emails from your domain and which servers they are using.

Get deeper insights

Learn more about your email statistics through the intuitive, dynamic dashboard.

Choose your trusted sources

Select your trusted sources (such as your own email platforms) in just a few clicks.

Improve your deliverability

Adding sources to the whitelist ensures your emails arrive in your customers’ mailboxes.

Catch phishing attempts

Identify intruders and add their servers to the blacklist as soon as you spot them.

Stay protected

Protect your customers from phishers and save your money and reputation.

Many companies are already using EasyDMARC.
Here’s what they have to say.

Business Email Address
EasyDMARC has recorded all emails that are sent from our domain from the first day we installed it. It immediately gave us a lot of insights on our email flows that we were missing before. Through data from EasyDMARC, we have improved processes which we would otherwise not even have known about.
It also made me feel a lot more secure to know that all our emails are tracked. If someone would attempt to send an email from my domain, I would immediately know this.
With EasyDMARC, you can manage everything in one simple, centralized platform. This saves you a lot of time. On top of that, EasyDMARC has given us a full picture of our outbound email, and that is an invaluable thing.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Contact us

How can I purchase EasyDMARC?

When you register a new domain through the website, you can simply add EasyDMARC to your order. The product will immediately be activated after the domain registration is complete. If you already have an existing domain at Internet Pages, you can activate the subscription for that domain in the control panel through the "DMARC" tab in the left hand menu.

How do I set up EasyDMARC?

We have created a full guide to help you set up the tool, even if you are not familiar with DMARC at all. You can find it here. More specialized, technical tutorials can be found in the Knowledge Base.

Do I need technical knowledge to use EasyDMARC?

No previous technical knowledge is needed to use EasyDMARC. You don’t need to update anything in the DNS yourself, and you don’t need any specialized knowledge to be able to use the main functions in EasyDMARC’s dashboard, which include consulting the graph with your email statistics or adding sources to the whitelist or blacklist.

Can EasyDMARC read my emails?

No, the tool does not have access to the content of your emails. In addition to this, EasyDMARC is fully GDPR compliant. EasyDMARC's data is stored in Europe (for European customers), United States (for US customers) and Armenia (for Asian customers).

Does the deployment of EasyDMARC require any infrastructure changes?

No. We only ask you to add a CNAME record to your DNS zone. In most cases, this will be done automatically by EasyDMARC, and you do not need to change anything in the DNS yourself. In addition, if you wish to add DKIM and SPF records, you have to authenticate every source of data. No other changes are needed.

Is it possible to use EasyDMARC for domains outside of Internet Pages?

We are working on making this possible in the future. The only difference will be that, for domains outside of Internet Pages, you will have to manually add a CNAME record to the DNS zone. For domains managed at Internet Pages, this is done automatically when you purchase EasyDMARC.

I am a reseller. Are there white-labeling options for EasyDMARC?

EasyDMARC's control panel is fully white-labeled. This means that for your customers, there will not be any signs or indicators that refer to EasyDMARC or Internet Pages. The same applies for emails that your customers will receive from the platform. Lastly, we are using a white-labeled domain name (dmarcprotect.me), that is also used to create CNAME and TXT records required for EasyDMARC to run properly.

Can I use EasyDMARC with Plesk?

Yes, of course. Although there is no full integration for EasyDMARC in Plesk yet, you can still use the tool with domains managed through the Plesk panel.

How many emails per month are included?

The standard version of EasyDMARC includes a maximum of 25,000 emails per month. If you are using a free trial, this maximum does not apply during your trial month, but it will be applied as soon as your trial ends. If you need a larger package, please contact our sales team for a personalized offer.

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