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web hosting in Pakistan
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web hosting in Pakistan
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Domain Registration In Pakistan

One of our team member will help you to integrate your hosting account with your new domain. You can easily manage your domain name servers with our DNS management panel.

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Domain Registration in Pakistan Benefits

Elevate your online visibility with our premium Pakistan-focused domain registration services. Enjoy a fast and secure registration process that guarantees your presence on the internet through domain registration in Pakistan. You can rely on us to support your online activities with reliable and cheap domain registration services designed by Internet Pages. Avail yourself of our best free benefits:
Free Domain Setup
One of our team member will help you to integrate your hosting account with your new domain 

Free DNS Management

You can easily manage your domain name servers with our DNS management panel.

Free Whois Protection

This will help you to protect your domains from spammers and hackers to steal your info

Transfer Lock

Transfer Lock
Protect Your Domain Registration in Pakistan from any unauthorized transfer or domain hijack.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Domain

Professional tips by our Experts


Domain Availability
Initiate a domain availability search to verify the availability of your desired domain name. Additionally, ensure that the selected name is not trademarked to avoid any legal conflicts.


Choose a domain name that reflects your brand, business, or purpose. It should be easy to remember and relevant to your content.


Brand Name
If possible, include your brand name in your domain name. This can positively impact search engine optimization.


Domain Length
Keep it concise. Shorter domains are easier to remember, type, and share.


Aim for a memorable domain name. Avoid complex spellings, hyphens, or numbers that might confuse visitors.


Social Media Availability
Verify if your chosen domain name is available on popular social media platforms to maintain consistency across your online presence.


Backup Plans
Have a backup domain name in mind in case your first choice is unavailable or if you plan to expand your online presence in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Domain?

domain is a specific area of responsibility or control within a more extensive system. In the context of the internet, a domain is a unique name that identifies a website or a set of email addresses and directs internet users to the corresponding IP address. For example, "" is a domain name that directs internet users to the IP address of Google's servers.

How can I register my domain in Pakistan?

You can register a domain in Pakistan through Internet pages.

How much does a domain cost in Pakistan?

The cost of a domain in Pakistan can vary depending on the registrar and the type of domain you are registering. Typically, the cost for a domain can range from a few hundred to a few thousand Pakistani rupees (PKR) per year. Other top-level domains, such as or may be slightly cheaper. so you can buy a domain in Pakistan from an

What is domain pk?

.pk domain is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Pakistan. It is used to identify websites and other internet resources associated with Pakistan. The .pk domain is managed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), which is the regulatory body responsible for managing the country's telecommunications infrastructure.
There are several different types of .pk domains available, including: for commercial organizations for internet service providers for non-profit organizations for educational institutions for government organizations for personal websites

The best .pk domain in Pakistan can be registered at an affordable price through Internet pages

Can I register a domain myself?

Yes, you can register a domain yourself. You can do this by going through a domain registrar, which is a company that is authorized to register and manage domain names. 

You can find a best domain in Pakistan at a cheap price on internet pages. you can register your desired domain name by following their instructions and providing the required information such as your contact details.

When you register a domain, you will also be asked to provide information such as the domain's name servers, which are the servers that are responsible for resolving the domain name to an IP address.
It is important to note that domain registration is usually an annual fee and you will need to renew it every year in order to keep your domain active.

Which domain names can I choose?

You can choose from a variety of top-level domains (TLDs) such as, .biz, and many country-code TLDs (ccTLDs) such as .us,, etc. Additionally, there are many new generic TLDs (gTLDs) available such as, .shop, .online, etc. The availability of specific domain names will depend on whether or not they have already been registered by someone else

For your business, we provide the best domain names in Pakistan. Internet pages are great because they offer domains at an affordable price.

Can I change the domain name?

Yes, you can change your domain name, but it can be a complex process, and it's not always the best idea. Changing your domain name can harm your search engine rankings and confuse your customers and visitors. If you want to change your domain name, you should consider the following steps:

Register the new domain name you wish to use.
Create 301 redirects from your old domain name to your new domain name. This will help to preserve your search engine rankings and to redirect traffic from your old domain name to your new domain name.
Update your website's internal links to point to the new domain name.
Update any external links to your websites, such as social media profiles, email signatures, and other marketing materials.
Monitor your website analytics to ensure traffic and conversions are not negatively impacted by the change.
Remember that changing your domain name is a big decision that should be made after careful consideration.

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